Design and Technology


As a D&T teacher, you’ll nurture pupils’ creativity and teach them the skills to not only come up with brilliant ideas, but to turn them into a reality. By doing so, you’ll be teaching a subject that complements their wider learning and brings it to life in practical terms – from maths and science to computing and art.

You’ll encourage pupils to be resourceful, innovative and enterprising as they solve real and relevant problems. This means developing the essential skills young people need for everyday life, and unlocking their ability to be the designers and innovators of tomorrow.

Our course in design and technology is designed to ensure that trainees engage in cutting edge activities at the forefront of technological education. Trainees will experience stimulating and exciting projects which explore established and new materials and technologies. This not only raises expertise, knowledge and skills, but also establishes a strong foundation for innovative curriculum development, raising the expectations of young people’s experience in secondary schools. The specialist fields are Product Design, Graphics Products, Textiles Technology, Resistant Materials Technology, Electronics & Communication Technology and Food Technology.

Studies will provide an understanding of the nature and philosophy of design and technology in schools for the age phase 11-16; its place in the National Curriculum; and the new specifications for Design and Technology. SCITT trainees maximise their learning opportunities through innovative lesson planning and class management, based on a sound understanding of the importance of effective assessment and monitoring strategies.