Drama is an innovative, exploratory and expressive subject that falls within the English National Curriculum, but is most often taught as an independent subject at Key Stage 3, and becomes an option choice at GCSE in most schools, and is offered up to A Level in many establishments.

In the current educational climate, the importance of the Arts subjects cannot be overstated, as they provide a creative counterbalance to other areas of the curriculum, instil and promote autonomous learning, problem solving, diplomacy and interactive working practices.  They provide opportunities for creativity and imagination, whist simultaneously developing the skills of working with others, independent research and reflection, evaluative and analytical skills.

Drama teachers today need to demonstrate a solid and varied understanding of the wide breath of history, literature and theory that Drama and the Theatre have produced.  They also need to have a strong understanding of current theatrical practices and styles, modern playwrights and directors, and an interest in the technical aspects of the Theatre.  They need to be able to impart practical understanding and performance skills, but also use Drama as a tool for learning, and understand the purpose that Drama can have in helping children to understand and explain the world around them.  Teachers need to enable to students to explore different methods of evaluating and analysing Drama, developing the written ability of the students to demonstrate appreciation the work of themselves and others.

Trainees will experience a wide range of Drama lessons, and be introduced to the varied and broad curriculums within different schools.  Through the process of observations, team teaching, and subject specific training sessions, the trainees will learn a variety of Drama activities, styles, genres, practitioners and plays.  They will also experience how to use Drama as a tool to explore spiritual, social, moral and cultural issues, and work with other departments to use Drama to teach across the curriculum.