English is a core subject and as such is the central to the progress of every child. Our programme will introduce SCITT trainees to the broad scope of English as a curriculum subject, including media and drama, across the 11–16 age range. Along with practical knowledge and an understanding of English methods, the course offers perspectives on the role of language in learning, the teaching of literacies and literature, the principles of syllabus design and evaluation, and the assessment and recording of pupils’ progress.

Our trainees will develop an understanding of classroom practice and the theories underpinning teaching and learning English. Tasks set throughout the year will help students to reflect on their own as well as children’s learning and development.

Teaching English is more than just having a strong foundation in Literature or a love of reading.  Our trainees understand that their students will access texts across a range of media and that securing good speaking and listening skills is central to a child’s development and academic progress.  We will also explore how to foster a love of reading and literature as well as developing the classroom skills to ensure all students reach their potential in their numerous and varied assessments.

Our SCITT trainees soon become part of the dynamic and lively departments in our consortium schools and enjoy working with a range of students, from those with specific educational needs to the very able.  Through a varied programme of observations, classroom teaching and Subject Specific workshops, our trainees acquire the skills needed to confidently teach English at secondary level.

So, if you think you can bring Shakespeare to life through twitter or you can make a real-life CSI scene out of Sherlock Holmes, apply today!