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Mathematics is an exciting and creative subject, whose skills transfer to many different subjects and careers. Teaching mathematics provides challenge and reward and inspiring mathematics teachers are in high demand across the country.

Our programme will introduce the trainees to understanding the challenges students face, how students learn to think and reason mathematically and how to teach the subject so students make progress and enjoy it across the 11 – 16 age range.

Our Trainees joining the scheme will have varied academic backgrounds and experience and the Subject Professional Study programme builds on this to develop confident trainees. The sessions include opportunities to develop subject knowledge and strategies for helping students to progress as well as looking at how to design and evaluate schemes of work.

The practical training, a programme of observations and classroom teaching, will be underpinned by theories, ideas and concepts so our trainees acquire the skills needed to confidently teach Mathematics in a secondary school. Our trainees enjoy being in our Consortium schools and being part of a department. The trainees enjoy having the opportunity to work with a range of students and staff to help develop their teaching. The tasks set over the year will also help our trainees to build links between theories and practice and provide opportunity to reflect on practice.

So if you think you can bring Mathematics to life for students and inspire them to want to study it further, apply now!